Of course, “I CARE Mother’s Day Special”
6 oz. gift boxes $15.00

We all have a mother who’s near and dear to our hearts. Whether we affectionately call her mom, mother, mommy or mama she’s someone that we care about deeply. Without a mother, life into this world is impossible. A mother’s love is like no other. Why not show her how much you really care by ordering her a special treat for Mother’s Day?

Beginning Monday, May 1, 2017, Amelia’s Toffee Company is offering an Of course, “I CARE Mother’s Day Special” which includes FREE shipping on all orders purchased between May 1 – 14th.

All of our flavors are readily available when ordering online from our website http://www.ameliatoffee.com or call customer service at (303) 475 – 0926.

3 oz. gift bags $7.00

There are 10 wonderful toffee flavors to select from:

1) Sea Salt Toffee
2) Orange Bliss Toffee
3) Key Lime Toffee
4) Southern Heat Toffee
5) Bourbon Toffee
6) Coffee Toffee
7) Salty Bean Coffee
8) Bold Brew Toffee
9) Rum Toffee
10) On Tap Toffee

When she calls you to say thank you, then you can say loud and proud

“Of course, I CARE”!  Happy Mother’s Day!

C – continually loving you for all you do
A – always hoping to make life better for you
R – repeatedly giving to you without you asking
E – every day is Mother’s Day, a chance to CARE!