Toffee with 'Spirit'

Guess what Grandma's favorite cocktail was? Yup bourbon..
so we created our Bourbon Toffee in honor of grandma.
This one's for your grandma! Cheers.

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Made in Jacksonville, Florida

Why You'll Absolutely Love Our Toffee


You haven’t had toffee, until you’ve had Amelia Toffee!! "It’s our family's special recipe, passed down through generations and taught to me by my grandma, Anita Lester. For some families, it's their famous barbeque sauce, 3 bean salad or meat loaf recipe. For our family, it's the toffee."

Super Fresh Ingredients

Hand crafted in small batches with loving care and locally sourced, super-fresh ingredients. Take a long time, proven delicious recipe and add a twist to it....Make it up with the best of the best ingredients...add fresh Florida peanuts, California almonds, "Chocoley" dark chocolate from a Georgia, family-owned company; a locally sourced roaster provides fresh, robust coffee; Maker's Mark bourbon; and beer by carefully selected, microbrewery experts. Not Your Grandmas' Toffee.

Spoil Yourself!

Made by hand in Jacksonville Florida. It's the ONLY U.S. produced toffee made with bourbon, beer, coffee, or sea salt! Life is too short to drink bad wine or suffer along with mediocre toffee. Spoil yourself. Almost everyone agrees, Amelia Toffee is the Greatest Toffee Ever!

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